Aqua Fit Classes

Aqua-Fit Classes

Aqua-Fit Classes at LaSalle Fitness

Aqua Athletic Conditioning –– this aqua class will use a combination of high intensity skills and drills to increase the heart rate and challenge your body.  We will work to our edge while running through the water; use the wall to engage your core, coupled with pool equipment to sculpt our bodies!  Come out and try something different in the New Year to shake up your fitness routine!  All levels of fitness are welcome as options will be offered.

Aqua Arthritis – A water aerobics class for persons with arthritis or other ailments that require no impact or jarring to the body.  This class will be gentle on the joints to alleviate pain/stiffness coupled with increase joint mobility.   The instructor will choreograph an exercise routine to a slow tempo that encourages nourishing the body with the benefit of water for everyday ease of movement/rehabilitation.  This is an open aqua class to all members therefore we recommend that individuals participate at your level.

Aqua Flowis a low intensity water workout which includes a variety of water walking, light cardio with basic moves, flexibility and balance drills. Some equipment may be used.

Aqua Toning – This class allows you to tone all the muscle groups using not only the water but various equipment.  Some cardio is sued to warm up and to give you a little boost.  Great for all fitness levels.

Cardio Wave – A moderate to high intensity cardio class which includes Tabata interval training and small segments of no bounce resistance work.

Get Wet! Instructors choice includes a combination of cardio and toning segments in the water. Come out and challenge yourself!! All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Power Morning – This class has lots of cardio mixed with tracking!  A mixture of both to start the day off.

Wet ‘n Wild – Get ready to workout in the pool with a combination of Cardio moves followed by sculpting. An all-over body workout for everyone!